Blossom Cottage - Beauty Training

Over the coming months, I shall be introducing more courses to my portfolio. If you would like to receive some accredited beauty training, please read on.

Pedicure Course

The pedicure is a popular treatment that takes care of the condition of the skin and nails of the feet, it is extremely popular during the spring and summer seasons and is something that people will always need due to people not liking their feet and wanting to improve them, not being able to reach the feet or being on their feet all day or due to sport and wanting to ease tension in the area.

The theory sessions cover all of the benefits and effects of pedicures, related health, safety and hygiene, nail shapes, nail and skin diseases and disorders, consultation, products, skin heating, client advice as well as anatomy and physiology relating to the skin, nails, bones and muscles.

The practical sessions cover the various stages of the manicure treatment such as, setting up the area, preparing the client, filing, cuticle work, massage, buffing, how to use different products, painting (includes French polish), luxury treatments and more.

All products and equipment are provided in house for your learning needs.

This course is a total of 12 hours, it is recommended that 90 minute sessions are booked, these can be arranged at your convenience in the daytime, evening or at weekends but must be completed within a 3 month period.

With-out a manicure qualification the course cost is £180, £60 non-refundable deposit is required on booking, remaining balance can be split in to 2 further £60 payments.

NB if you have completed manicure a lot of your theory will have been covered already and therefore the course will be reduced in time to 6 hours and cost £100 a £50 non refundable deposit is required on booking the £50 balance must be paid at least a week before the course date.

To book or for more details please call or email Amanda Reynolds: