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Over the coming months, I shall be introducing more courses to my portfolio. If you would like to receive some accredited beauty training, please read on.

Swedish Massage

Massage is a skill not to be underestimated and once you have mastered it you have the skill for life, that you can make good money from with minimal costs!

See this as the beginning of an exciting journey, there is so much more to explore so many fascinating techniques. Once you are qualified as a Swedish massage therapist the door is open to a whole world of massage skills for you to learn and offer to your clients.

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue in order to promote health and wellbeing, it is a well-researched and respected treatment which varies in its techniques throughout the world but always with essentially the same positive psychological and physiological outcomes for the recipient.

Swedish massage is a combination of sweeping, flowing movements designed to soothe whilst stimulating circulation and deeper kneading movements designed to ease muscular tension it is essentially carried out using the therapist’s hands, elbows, forearms.

During this course you will learn about client consultation, benefits and effects, massage movements, preparing for a massage, different types of massage, anatomy and physiology, aftercare advice, products, adapting your massage for clients with different needs and ailments as well as the addition of face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage; aswell as advice on getting started, insurance, marketing and pricing etc.

The course includes theory lessons but also a workbook to help you with any home study.

Course cost £340

18 hours in house training, (recommended to split in to 3 and or 6 hour sessions at your convenience)

A £100 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking, the remaining balance can be split into 2 further payments of £120.

To book or for more details please call or email Amanda Reynolds: