Blossom Cottage - Beauty Training

Over the coming months, I shall be introducing more courses to my portfolio. If you would like to receive some accredited beauty training, please read on.

Female Intimate Waxing Course

Intimate waxing is an ever more popular treatment and is a great addition to a therapist’s skill set as not every therapist has the courage to do it so, well done for taking the plunge!

It is essential to have a mature attitude towards this treatment for the sake of the client’s dignity and it is an advanced skill, this is why I will only train people who are over 18 who already hold a waxing qualification and have some experience.

Female intimate waxing is a process of learning how to use a new product and position your client however, it is a skill and in-order to get it right and carry-out an efficient wax with limited discomfort for the client you will need to practice and as all clients are different shapes with different hair growth patterns, thickness of hair, pain thresholds and shape requirements; the more practice the better.

Be aware that male intimate waxing is a different process and therefore different course and qualification.

The training is 6 hours long and can be booked to start any time to suit you and on any day of the week. You will also have the option to carryout 2 additional supervised treatments in the salon to further improve your skills and confidence, ready to start on your own clients.

Course cost £120

An £60 non-refundable deposit is required on booking, the remaining balance must be paid at least a week before the date of training.

To book or for more details please call or email Amanda Reynolds: